Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Guys Read: True Stories is Published Today!

Jacket art copyright © 2014 by Brian Floca
Today, September 16th, is the pub date of Guys Read: True Stories, the fifth installment of the series. It is edited by the inimitable and terrifically prolific Jon Scieszka, who asked me to write some poems on any branch of science I wished. Naturally I chose physics, as so much is currently happening in our understanding of the physical nature of things. Just ask Mr. Higgs Boson.  I playfully called my cluster of fourteen poems Uni-verses, and there's two below. But first l'll thank my co-authors, Candace Fleming, Nathan Hale, Thanhha Lai, Sy Montgomery, Jim Murphy, T. Edward Nickens, Elizabeth Partridge, Steve Sheinkin, James Strum, and Brian Floca for his illustrations.


The concept of relativity
Is rather simple, as you'll see.
It simply means that this and that
Are relative to where you're at.
And you and he,
And he and she,
Are relative to them and me.
And who and why,
And when and where,
Are relatively anywhere.
If you're CONFUSED
With what I give
Then go and ask
A relative.


Matter's puzzling to explain,
But I will try and rack my brain.
It is the substance of all things:
Protons, neutrons, electron rings.
It may have mass and volume too.
Get it?

What's the matter with you?

Uni-verses with the poems "Relativity" and "Matter" copyright © 2014 by Douglas Florian


Kelly Polark said...

Ha! I love these!!! I did not know you were part of the newest Guys Read collection! Will get this for my son and for his classroom, too!

Douglas Florian said...

Thanks so much, Kelly!

Carol Varsalona said...

Doug, as usually your sense of humor is evident in your new physics poems.Congratulations for being part of Jon S's book. I am sure it will be a hit!

Douglas Florian said...

Thanx Carol!

Teresa Robeson said...

Congrats on the co-birthing of this volume! I think a lucky nephew of mine will be receiving this (well, maybe in another year since he's only 4). Or I may keep it for myself, because, really, I probably love physics more than he does at this point. :)

Douglas Florian said...

Thanks, Teresa. Yes 4 is a few years too young for this.

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