Friday, August 10, 2012

                                         Walsall stone hippo by John Wood

Habits of the Hippopotamus
by Arthur Guiterman (1871-1943)

The hippopotamus is strong
     And huge of head and broad of bustle;
The limbs on which he rolls along
     Are big with hippopotomuscle.

He does not greatly care for sweets
     Like ice cream, apple pie, or custard,
But takes to flavor what he eats
     A little hippopotomustard.

The hippopotamus is true
     To his principles, and just;
He always tries his best to do
     The things one hippopotomust.

He never rides in trucks or trams,
      In taxicabs or omnibuses,
And so keeps out of traffic jams
     And other hippopotomusses.

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Tabatha said...

Ha! Thanks, Doug. That hippo would look cute with a hippopotamustache.

Douglas Florian said...


Katya said...

That reminds me of the Belloc poem:
I shoot the Hippopotamus
With bullets made of platinum,
Because if I use leaden ones
His hide is sure to flatten 'em.


Mary Lee said...

Did he teach you how to do that word combo thing, or did you learn from him? Your Dracula poem is one of my all-time favorites to read, and to get kids thinking about ways to make up new words!!

Ruth said...

How fun!

Violet N. said...

This is great! Love the wordplay.

Douglas Florian said...

I gotya Katya: Nice Belloc poem! and Yes, Mary Lee, I tell kids they can add on to the front or back of words, spell words wrong, use bad grammar and punctuation, invent words, and do anything that makes their poems better. In other words: Poetic License. I just got mine renewed.
The mother of invention was Lewis Carroll and his wacky Jabberwocky