Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Book!

Happy New Year to all fellow bloggers. Yesterday a surprise came in the mail: my new book Poetrees, to be published this March by Beach Lane Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.
Here's a sneak preview of one poem, Giant Sequoias.
Giant Sequoias
Ancient seers
Of three thousand years.
Heavenly high.
Friends to the sky.
Spongy thick bark.
Large as an ark.
Gargantuan girth.
Anchored in earth.
Grow by degrees
To world's tallest trees.
Never destroy a
Giant sequoia.

As the "Glossatree" explains: The giant sequoia is one of the world's biggest and oldest tree species. The largest one, named General Sherman, lives in California's Sequoia National Park. This tree is more than 270 feet tall and has a trunk that's 30 feet in diameter. Giant sequoias became rare after many were harvested for lumber. I'd like to thank my awesome editor Andrea Welch, and my delightful designers Michael McCartney and Ann Bobco for making this book happen.
image, and text copyright 2010 by Douglas Florian


Unknown said...

Congrats, Douglas!

We went on a family trip to see the sequoias and visited the great General Sherman. A massive tribute to the power of nature.

Love your Sequoias poem. Beauty, scientific facts plus conservation wrapped in a smile.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Pretty!

How wonderful it must be to hold your new book baby in your hands! I look forward to seeing your new book!

My hubby and I saw sequoias at Muir Wood, and they are splendiferous.

jama said...

Love the poem and painting! Can't wait to see the book. :)

Walter Silva said...
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Walter Silva said...

Can't wait to buy it...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Love it already. :) Congratulations!!

laurasalas said...

Can't wait to see this book, Douglas. (And someday to see sequoias in person.)

Happy 2010!

Unknown said...

Thanks and happy new year to my giant sequoia friends, Jill, Kelly, jama, Walter, Teresa, and laurasalas.
The book Poetrees is printed in a vertical format. The tall trees demaded it!
funny but my word verification is sunkewa, almost sequoia.

Kelly Polark said...

Amazing illustration!!!!
I have yet to see a Sequoia. I will someday! Oh, yes, I will!
Thanks for the sneak peek!

Douglas Florian said...

thanks Jill, Kelly F, jama, commentdeleted,Walter,TeresaR,laurasalas,Zavi, and Kelly and all my loyal readers!

Elaine Magliaro said...


Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to getting a copy of Poetrees. Thanks for posting a poem and illustration from your new book.

Mary Lee said...

Fun, Fun! Another Florian!
Can't wait until
It shows up at my door-ian.

(I may have to just buy it and quit waiting...)

Mary Ann Scheuer said...

thank you so much for sharing this poem and painting. I love the imagery and feel you've developed. It just makes me feel like I'm running my hands across a sequoia's spongy bark, leaning back and looking up into its towering branches.

thanks for all of your wonderful poems and paintings, and for giving us sneak peaks on your blog!

BookMoot said...

Poetrees--how perfect. I can think of so many ways to enjoy this with kids. Thank you.

Doda said...

Looks like a lovely book to own!