Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poetry Friday/ Poemagram

Without googling, who penned these words?

O wonder!

How many goodly creatures are there here!

How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world

That has such people in't!

If you don't know the author, hit the books!
No shortage of exclamations here!
And now on to a new form: the Poemagram. Take a long word, or two, preferably your name, and find all the anagrams in it. has an angram site:

The 14 letters of my name contain 71,429 anagrams, but my friend John Lee has only 2: Lee John and Eel John. If your name is short take someone elses, William Shakespeare, for example.
Now take the best the anagrams and make a poem, a Poemagram, rhyming or not. Here's mine in ABAB rhyme scheme.

Douglas Florian (shopping list)

Landaus Frog Oil

Diagonals Flour

Nasal Gourd Foil

A Fall Dingo Sour

Diurnal Sofa Log

A Final Door Slug

Audio Snarl Flog

A Rain Floods Lug

Aural Food Sling

A Flag Odours Nil

Dual Aloof Rings

A Snafu Door Gill

Landaus Frog Oil is a great moisturizer. Diagonals Flour is used to make a 3/4 upside down cake. Nasal Gourd Foil protects against cold germs. A Fall Dingo Sour is curiously refreshing!

A Diurnal Sofa Log keeps track of time squandered during the day. A Final Door Slug keeps drafts out. An Audio Snarl Flog beats unruly radios senseless. A Rain Floods Lug comes in handy in your basement. Aural Food Sling works great in food fights. A Flag Odours Nil is a must-have at schools. Dual Aloof Rings are the perfect gift for the couple who has everything. A Snafu Door Gill keeps those hinges moving freely.


Doda said...

that was entertaining! Thanks!

Julie said...

Oh, boy, I love this - I'll be back with a poemagram soon.

Dave King said...

Something different is always welcome - especially when it's fun or humerous. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Here’s a poemagram for my pal, X.J. Kennedy, Diego.

X.J. Kennedy

That’s it. Title and poem both. Joe’s unique.

Kelly Polark said...

1. I have to hit the books...
2. The poemagram -what fun!
3. Tonight's dinner
Ally elk pork with a
Yak kelp roll dipped in
Park Ell Yolk.

Leslie Avon Miller said...


Douglas Florian said...

Yes Pat,
There are no anagrams for XJ Kennedy, but 22 for Joe Kennedy!
And 1169 for J.Patrick Lewis including
Jar Licks Wept I

Douglas Florian said...

Great poemagram Kelly!

Yat-Yee said...

I am having too much trouble deciding which ones to choose. I end up with a lot of "yo"s and you don't want a rapper poem from me, that's for sure.

Or maybe...

Anonymous said...

Now I can't sleep tonight because I'll be wracking my brain trying to remember who wrote that poem...ugh. ;}

Enjoyed your anagram poem; very clever! My little brain can't handle trying bring up the author AND make a poem at the same time, so I think I'll make my kids do this instead. Hah!

Douglas Florian said...

A fellow named Shakespeare,Terri.

laurasalas said...

I must be a corporate mystic:

Salaried Aura Plus


Julie said...
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Julie said...

Well, I'm supposed to be working hard at something else, and a certain person who reads this will know what that is, because I promised him I would. But I'm such a goof-off.

Here's something from me:

Poem Smuggled Out of Prison

Our lies = jail.
Lo, I rue jails.
Our isle ≠ jail.
Jail = lousier.
Jail = sour lie.

Alternate, More Upbeat:

I so rule jail!
Jailer, oil us.

(Okay, I'm getting back to work....)