Friday, June 14, 2013


                                          photo by Cartier Bresson
I've never been to Austin,
Boston, or Atlanta.
I've never been to Paris,
But rest assured I plan ta.

Poetry Friday at Reflections at the Teche


Douglas Florian said...

This poem came about after reading the witty, often naughty, poems of Dorothy Parker. And Paris is often naughty, from what I've heard.

jama said...

Bravo! And ooh-la-la. :)

Doraine Bennett said...

Love it. Come on down to Atlanta and we'll feed you some soul food here in the deep South! Definitely naughty if you're watching your weight, cholesterol, or your blood pressure. ;)

Ruth said...

You should definitely plan ta!

Bridget Magee said...

Fun! Love your idea of "Travels".

Mary Lee said...

What rhymes with come to Columbus?!?!

Douglas Florian said...

I've never been to Washington/
Osh Kosh, or Columbus/
I've never been to Rome/
But I once was in a rhombus.

Thanx Mary Lee, Bridget Magee, Ruth, Doraine,
jama and Spain.

atlanticmo said...

Ha ha, very nice.

Douglas Florian said...

When in Rome
Do as a rhombus.

Kelly Polark said...


Unfortunately I've never visited ANY of these lovely cities! Yet.