Friday, August 31, 2012

I Am A Robot

For Poetry Friday, hosted today by the illustrious industrious Sylvia Vardell over at Poetry For Children, I'm continuing my robot theme from last Friday. I've got a robotic dactylic idyllic poem. The image is from a Russian children's book, Your Name? Robot. Courtesy 50 

I Am A Robot

I am a 
Robot I am.
I'm fully connected,
And my name is Sam.
I've got robot children
And one robot wife.
To dream robot schemes
Is the theme of my life.
I tried to join Facebook
It's such a cool space.
But they kicked me off
For I don't 
Have a 


Renee LaTulippe said...

You don't have a face?
Now, don't be a quitter.
There's always a space
for robots on Twitter.

Douglas Florian said...

Very good, Renee! Thanx, human!

Vikram Madan said...

A robot who'll fritter
His robotic life
On facebook or twitter
Might soon lose his wife,
And his home and his kids,
And his circuits and grids.
And no one, in the end,
In some far-off place
Will ask, "Gee what Happened
to Old Whats-His-Face?"

Tabatha said...

Wow, Doug, robotic dactylic idyllic? That's almost a poem in itself.

I think this poem would be great for Poetry in the Halls (poems up in school hallways during National Poetry Month).

Mary Lee said...

Touche, Renee!!

Douglas Florian said...

Thanks, Renee, Vikram, Tabatha, Mary Lee and all my robot bloggers.

noa said...
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