Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ahoy, Matey! Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy, Matey! I almost forgot. Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. So I'm posting a poem and picture from Shiver me Timbers, me pirate book with illustrations by Robert "Scallywag" Neubecker, me old shipmate at The New York Times twenty five years ago. It's already stolen two starrred reviews. Let me know if you want an author-graphed bookplate from me, I've already sent some out.

Here's me poem about Blackbeard, all based on facts. Except, perhaps, the end. Poem copyright 2012 by Douglas Florian. Illustration copyright 2012 by Robert Neubecker.


Blackbeard braided his long black beard,
Then tied the braids with bows.
He stuffed burning rope beneath his hat.
Put a ring right through his nose.

Blackbeard boarded many a ship
To pillage and plunder and steal.
He robbed with pleasure
Great troves of treasure,
Which he did his best to conceal.

Blackbeard feared no other man--
A pirate as cruel as they come.
One look from his eyes
Could terrorize,
But he always wrote home to his mum.


Kelly Polark said...

HA HA!! I love the poem and illustration! Congrats, Douglas!

Douglas Florian said...

Avast ye sassy lassy
Thanx Kelly!

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