Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poets House!

My exhibition Florianthology has mostly come to a close, but there are still 8 of my poems and paintings exhibited in the children's room. The most rewarding aspect? Mike Romanos, the director of the children's room, tells me that many hundreds of schoolchildren have viewed the show. Above is a class from P.S. 1 taking notes.
"Poets House is a literary center and poetry archive - a collection and meeting place that invites poets and the public to join the living tradition of poetry." (from website)
Poets House is located in a beautiful space at 10 River Terrace in Battery Park, the lower tip of Manhattan and embraces some 50,000 volumes of poetry, and hosts many events for children and adults. Their web site: 


Kelly Polark said...

Somehow I missed this! The Florianthology exhibit sounds amazing!! What a highlight for the children visiting!

Douglas Florian said...

Thanks, Kelly!