Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ogden nash's birthday

Today, August 19th is the birthday of the august poet Ogden Nash.
Here's one of my favorites:

The Llama

The one-L lama, he's a priest
The two-L llama, he's a beast
And I would bet a silk pyjama
There isn't any three-L lllama

(Nash appended a footnote to this poem: "The author's attention has been called to a type of conflagration known as a three-alarmer. Pooh."[4])


Kelly H-Y said...

Cute ... love that added footnote!

Anonymous said...

Odgen has to be one of my favorite poet of all time! Cracking up over your three-alarmer reference. ;)

Jack said...

Thats great to read that poetry..Thanks for the post..
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BookMoot said...

I love that!

debra shirley said...

I also love this one

The Eel
by Ogden nash

I don't mind eels
Except as meals.
And the way they feels

debra shirley said...

I noticed Amelie in your fave movies list. Hope you caught "Deklicatessen", another delicious offering.

Rainna said...

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the_time_is_grey said...

thank you ...