Friday, February 27, 2009

Poetry Prelutsky Friday

For Poetry Friday a poem on the auk by Jack Prelutsky my fine auk-quantance at Greenwillow Books where we worked with Susan Hirshman and now create with Virginia Duncan. The expressive illustration is by the talented artist Meilo So. Poem and painting are from The Beauty of the Beast: Poems from the Animal Kingdom (Knopf) 1997. Poem Copyright 1990 Jack Prelutsky. Art copyright 1997 by Meilo So.


An auk in flight
is sheer delight,
it soars above the sea.

An auk on land
is not so grand--
an auk walks aukwardly.


Nanny said...

Nor do auks tauk much!
They're so nesty!

poemhome said...

Good puns Nanny!

Yat-Yee said...

Uh, can't come up with any clever puns--guess that's why I am not a poet. Not to insinuate poets need to be good at puns necessarily, of course. But then, there is nothing wrong with puns, some of my best friends...

Okay, stop now before I dig any deeper.

Thanks for sharing some Jack this morning.

Poetikat said...

Excellent. Auks are Great! I really like the illustrations by So.

I posted about Errol Le Cain on my blog the other day when I learned he had illustrated a few of T.S. Eliot's "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats". I just went to see Webber's CATS for the first time on Monday night.


Kelly said...

I've always liked Prelutsky poetry. When I was in college, I wrote a big report on him for my Children's Literature class. I wish I'd saved it!
I love puns in poetry!

poemhome said...

and me
I'm a glutten for Pun_ishment!

Jill Corcoran said...

Love it:)

Gregory K. said...

I was always fond of that Indiana Jones movie with the Auk of the Covenant....

And some of my best friends pun, too!

jama said...

Nothing like Prelutsky to brighten one's day :).

Mary Lee said...

I can't wait to use Prelutsky's new book, Pizza, Pigs and Poetry with my students. There's nothing like a guided tour inside a poet's process and poems.

(No puns, but do I get points for alliteration????!!!)

Anonymous said...


Julie Larios said...

He lauks like an angel,
He wauks like an angel,
He tauks like an angel,
but I got wise:
He's a penguin in disguise.

( I know, Elvis is spinning....)

(and I should sign this Anonymauks)

poemhome said...

Chauk one up for Laurie!
and thanks Jill, Greg, Jama, Mary Lee, Kelly, Kelly, Yat Yee andPoetikat

tess said...

Auks are Aukward,
but also aukspicious
The bold auk
simply aukrageous.

Oh, I feel like aupologizing now.

Anonymous said...

My kids and I adore Prelutsky's work and have a couple of his books! I'm always reminded of the great Ogden Nash when I read Jack's poetry.

Thanks for sharing this one! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

laurasalas said...

Fun wordplay--love the unexpectedly delicate art!

poemhome said...

Yess, Tess.
Great weekend Teresa, except for 10 inches of snow.
Laura you could say the art was SO delicate.

Dave King said...

I needed cheering up just then. You waved the magic wand. Thanks.